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Interviews with Photographers, Artists, and Residents Around the World

For more interviews be sure to see http://www.wheretothistime.com/interviews/interviews.html

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Why I Still Love Donny Osmond
Margaret and I met him during our trip to Florida in 1989. Great entertainer and a good guy.



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WhereToThisTime is a combination website and blog which merges travel and photography. It began as a personal webpage in tribute to my dear friend, Margaret, who passed away from breast cancer, and our wonderful travel days together. And while I have included many of our travel tales here, you will also find great information, travel tips, photography tips, and much more.

Many people have contributed to this site with incredible interviews of travel and photography including Actor and Fine Art Photographer Parker Stevenson, Fine Art Photographers Natalie Ford, Benjie Chankin, Josh Friedman, Cory Steiner, artists like Bonnie Porter. There are also interviews with local residents of some incredible places like Susanne from Tasmania, Australia and our veterans who have traveled the world serving our county like my good friend Air Force Colonel Alice Smith.

The blog part of the website features Flashback Fridays where I offer impressions of places we've traveled. It also includes guest posts from fellow travelers and links to get you started on information about each place and planning your own trip. And soon I will be adding photography tips as well.

All of our main sections are listed below with a brief description.

You can read more about the website, how it came to be called WhereToThisTime, and where the inspiration was born on the About Us page. The link is in the menu on the left.

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Our Main Sections

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