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Hello and Happy Spring! I've been doing some Spring cleaning at WhereToThisTime.com and am excited to announce I have updated the main page and changed the blog to a new format. Check it out and I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Rebecca


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Hi everyone!

I thought here would be a great place to tell you a bit about the sidebar to the website and what's new.

The PHOTOGRAPHY page features information and links to cameras, tips for great travel photography, and photographers.

The FOCUS ON section features interviews with photographers sharing their photos and tips for great pictures!

  • Parker Stevenson - actor well-known as Frank Hardy in The Hardy Boys as well as North and South, Baywatch, and more talks about his new career as a fine art photographer.
  • Natalie Ford - fine art photographer featuring a series on Faces of the Buddha.
  • Benjie Chankin - fine art floral photographer
  • Josh Friedman - fine art photographer from Bucks County, PA

The trips I'm personally writing about are those I've taken with Margaret and the one to Alaska with my Aunt Rosella. They're mainly a diary of the things we did from day to day, places we ate, visited, and photos, a place for me to be able to re-live all those memories.

  • LONDON AND PARIS is the story of my trip with Margaret in January, 1985 while we were in college.
  • 1989 FLORIDA is the story of my trip with Margaret in June, 1989.

The PHOTO ALBUMS section is a collection of photos I took on vacations.

  • Denali National Park, Alaska with my Aunt Rosella in June, 1991
  • Yosemite National Park, California with Margaret in July, 1990
  • Surfers Paradise, Australia with Margaret in October/November, 1995
  • Butchart Gardens, Canada with Aunt Rosella in July, 1991

  • Planes - links to domestic and international airlines, their baggage policies, pet policies, and more!
  • Trains - links to railroad transportation both domestic and international, including scenic train rides.

JEEP TRAVEL is devoted to all travel things that include Jeep tours and more.