Welcome to WhereToThisTime.com

If you have visited the main page, then you have an idea what this website is all about.

I thought this would be a good place to expand on the sidebar for easier navigation and a quicker way to find what interests you and to keep you updated on new content. Hopefully as we go along, I will be able to give you travel updates from around the world, links to the latest deals on air travel, hotels, tours, and more!

And I would love your suggestions for the site, articles you would like to read, ideas for interviews and content. If you are a traveler, artist, photographer, and would consider doing an interview with us, please contact me. Coming soon we will be spotlighting more photographers plus veterans including Margaret's husband, Mike Lapolla, who was in the Coastguard and my good friend, Alice Chapman, who is a Colonel in the Air Force. Also featured will be Bonnie Porter, a local artist here in Bucks County who has designed for many companies including Lenox.

Hope you will enjoy and stop back often!