Teen Talk Tuesday - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Hi everyone and welcome to the new Tuesday posts! I’ve changed this from Tuesday Tips to Teen Talk Tuesday. Jodi did such a great job writing about our recent trip through Pennsylvania and New York that I thought it would be fun to regularly get the teen perspective on travel, photography, music, and other teen interests.

First up is my son, Charlie, who is 15 and a sophomore at our local technical high school. His area of focus is AET - Applied Electronic Technology. It covers computer hardware and networking, mechatronics, robotics, and green technology. He’s really enjoying it. He has also been a Boy Scout for many years and is currently a Life Scout working toward Eagle. And he loves music, especially heavy metal and songs that tell stories.

Without further ado, here’s Charlie!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Hello, my name is Charlie. I am a Boy Scout from Troop 210 in Yardley, Pennsylvania. I am currently working on getting my Eagle rank.

This past weekend I went with my Troop to Gettysburg, PA. We left on Friday night and set up camp at the Artillery Ridge campsite.



The next day we took a ten mile hike around the town. We went to Little Round Top, Devils Den, the observation tower, and many more places. We also saw many of the memorials set up there, such as the Virginia memorial. We also saw some re-enactors there demonstrating the marching forms the soldiers did. They also demonstrated firing their muskets.


Later that day, we went into the town there and saw the Gettysburg Diorama. It showed all three days of the battle in one huge replica of the battle, with a lot of detail put into it. The diorama also had a documentary they made up to go with it, telling about the three harsh days the troops went through, and what happened on those days.


On Sunday we woke up early and left around seven forty-five to head for home.

All in all, Gettysburg was a really fun trip, and me and my troop had a great time. We learned a lot about the battle of Gettysburg, into a lot more detail than you learn at school. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to a lot of people.

Links of Interest:

Gettysburg.com - http://www.gettysburg.com/

Gettysburg National Military Park - https://www.nps.gov/gett/index.htm

Gettysburg Foundation - http://www.gettysburgfoundation.org/


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