Flashback Friday - Kalimpong, India

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Kalimpong - The Land of Kings

Adorned with a breathtaking backdrop of Eastern Himalayas, carpeted with virgin forests and encircled by unchartered villages, this place offers a spectacular milieu of towering snow capped peaks. Situated 4000 ft above sea level in the beautiful knolls of Darjeeling between Siliguri & Gangok, it shares borders with Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh which are all within a few hours drive from here. 

Well known as the floral heaven of India and the home of the world famous orchids & cacti, this place is a house to some of the finest and the rarest specimens of Flora and Fauna. It is believed that a visit to Kalimpong is incomplete without visiting its Floral Nurseries. Located on top of a ridge overlooking the eastern bank of river Teesta, it offers an excellent view of Mt. Kanchejunga. The vast expanse of green treasure rolled out over the meadows; dotted with wild colorful lowers and rivulets wandering idly is a portrait in itself autographed by Mother Nature.


Woven with a rare ethnic blend of hilly natives the tradition of hospitality in this secluded retreat has been practiced since centuries. Famous for indigenous artifacts, the artisans here craft traditional artwork and jewelry those are much admired all over the world. The weekly markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays comprises of some interesting sights like conventional Tibetan and Bhutanese handicrafts, woodcarvings, copper-wares, feng-shui bells, tapestry bags, scrolls, paintings , statues, wall hanging, knifes, Porcelain, Crystal, Thankhas, Dragons, bone stuff, masks and souvenirs. 

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Kalimpong.org - http://www.kalimpong.org/

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