Flashback Friday - Lucerne Switzerland


In the summer of 1991, Margaret and I visited Germany, Australia, and Switzerland. Today's Flashback Friday features the beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland. And two of the most recognizable landmarks are the Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower.


  • The Chapel Bridge is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Switzerland, in fact, in all of Europe. It is also the world's oldest truss bridge. It was built in the middle of the 14th century (1367 is the date of it's first written record)
  • The bridge was originally built in 1333, linking the old town on the right of the Reuss to the new town on the left. It secured the city from attack from lake. It was 200 meters (660 feet), but is now only 170 meters or 560 feet.
  • It was named after St. Peter's Chapel
  • The Chapel Bridge, along with Spreuer Bridge, has old paintings in the interior
  • The Chapel Bridge, a covered footbridge, spans across the Reuss River the upper part of Lucerne, which is in central Switzerland
  • The Water Tower does not hold water. It was named for being built in the water. It has served as a dungeon and prison, a torture chamber, an archive, and treasury vault until the 19th century. It is used as a club room today for a local artillery association and is not open to the public. It does have a tourist gift shop.
  • The Water Tower is 34 meters, or 115 feet high.
  • There was a fire on August 18, 1993. two-thirds of the bridge was destroyed. The pillars, bridgeheads, and Water Tower were saved. It was restored with in a year.
  • The fire may have been started by a cigarette.
  • 85 of the 110 paintings were destroyed. Only 25 could be saved and restored. The originals dated back to 1611. The other paintings were replaced with ones that had been stored since 1834.
  • The paintings dated back to the 17th century, depicting events in Lucerne's history, painted by a local Catholic, Hans Heinrich Wagmann. The were created during the Counter-Reformation, featuring scenes of the Catholic Church.

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