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Today's Flashback Friday features an incredible woman with an unending enthusiasm for travel, my Aunt, Rosella Frohman! She has always been an inspiration to me and one of the main reasons I traveled as well. She went on some exciting adventures - an Around The World trip in the 1960s (I have to scan her itinerary soon), Tahiti/Australia/New Zealand/Fiji, China, The Holy Lands, she was always planning something exciting. I was fortunate enough to travel with her to Alaska. What a privilege to share that experience with her! She has also been like a Mom to me when I was taking care of my own Mom when she started suffering from dementia and I was trying to raise 2 kids. She was always there to babysit or go with me to the hospital or just listen to me pour my heart out! Love you so much, Aunt Rosella!


I borrowed some of her photo albums and paperwork and hope to include some really fun things here on WhereToThisTime in her honor. This week, I was able to scan 2 albums she has of Twin Pine Ranch, a dude ranch in the picturesque Pocono Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She made 4 trips there in the 1940s soon after it opened. Here are some memorable photos. I love that she put this together with captions. So much fun!


Here is what she had to say to open the albums:

In 1943, Esther and I decided we both wanted a new and different kind of vacation. Amoung the newspaper ads which caught our eye was one advertising a place called "Twine Pine Ranch" - in the picturesque Pocono Mountains. So we wrote for more information. The descriptions in the folder (relaxing around a campfire after a day of activity - while cowboys song western songs, hayrides, square-dancing, etc.) were corny enough to convince us that we should give it a try.

So, outfitted with brand new riding clothes (neither of us had ever been riding before) - and with tongue in cheek, we set off for the Poconos.

After a fourteen-hour bus trip, we arrived at Stroudsburg hot, tired, and famished and I began to wonder whatever possessed us to take a chance on something about which we knew absolutely nothing. However, a shower and change of clothes, plus a wonderful supper (eaten outdoors) and a friendly and home-like atmosphere soon made me feel that our choice was the right one.

And by the end of the week, I was sold on a dude-ranch type vacation (Twin Pine style, of course) - so much so that I have made four subsequent trips to Twin Pines.

This, then is a pictorial record of my trips to the ranch - from the first one in 1943 to the one last September. The story of a place and of people - many swell folks - a story of activity and relaxation. A lot of swell memories and a hope of a lot more fun in the future.

Rosella, 1948

Here are some fun photos from the albums:
















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