Flashback Friday to Turkey with Andi On Adventure

“Oh s**t! That evil carpet salesman ripped me off!” I thought to myself as the tears started to flow. After a sleepless night on a bus ride from hell, I was just too tired to stop them. I wandered slowly through the Istanbul alley, and plopped down on a low brick wall, sobbing uncontrollably. Melting down. Then the Old Man with the kind eyes approached…


I visited Turkey a few years before 9/11 changed the world forever and arrived in the country with few expectations other than feeling slightly nervous about the people, believing I needed to be very cautious. This was a Muslim country, after all, and a tall blonde American woman did not blend in very well. So I was cautious at first, careful not to trust anyone, careful not to let my guard down and end up in a Turkish prison like in that old movie, “Midnight Express”.

Cautiously trusting…

Wandering through the country, I often seemed to find myself standing on a street corner with my pack on my back, Lonely Planet guide in my hand, and a very confused look on my face. Within moments, total strangers would stop to help even if they spoke little English. And I slowly began to accept that the Turks were 
not the evil people I had feared and I gradually opened up and got to know them. I felt safe and finally relaxed into the country and embraced the culture.

The beauty and magic of Turkey unfolded slowly over the following weeks…

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