Flashback Friday to Venice, Italy with Jaie Chien

Venice Nostalgia

Thank you to Jaie Chien, for being our guest and sharing with us your experiences in beautiful Venice, Italy!


© Jaie Chien from worldforphotography.com

Having been to most of Western Europe, one place that I consider memorable is Venice, Italy. Yes, this city may be cliché and everyone loves it but it is for good reason. Of the many canal towns around the world, Venice has the most full, European small city feel.

Buildings are seemingly randomly scattered, leaving narrow side streets with views of stunning alleyways in which one can easily get lost for hours, even with map in hand. Gondolas and small boats blaze through the waters while onlookers can sit by the water to eat and watch while feeling the ocean breezes. Prices are set high for tourists but gelatos were still the same 2 Euro everywhere! The city stays awake late as many tourist businesses are open until around midnight. The only downside is that the water is green-colored due to the amount of waste dumped due to overcrowding.

As with many developed cities, Venice contains plenty to do. Some enjoy walking around taking photos or eating all day long. Others enjoy visiting museums or shopping for souvenirs. One can also take water taxis to nearby islands such as Murano or Burano or similarly just sail around Venice.

Featured in the photographs are the biggest canal, Canal Grande, and a side canal. The buildings are generally a shade of white or yellow but often multicolored. The city is very photogenic whether the sun is up, down, or to the side. Especially early in the mornings before the locals get to work and before the tourists wake up, photographic opportunities are the most plentiful.

© Jaie Chien from worldforphotography.com

The romance is definitely there, like that which is portrayed by the media. As the water level creeps up a little every year, there is still plenty of time to visit but the life of tourism in this city may be limited in the future.

© Jaie Chien from worldforphotography.com

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