Tuesday Tips - How to Survive a Long Haul Flight by Ann Addley

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight by Ann from www.annkaddley.com


Below are my top hacks for surviving a long flight in economy and still being able to function the next day.

This is the part where I confess I actually enjoy long haul travel. If I’m on a plane, it means that I’m heading for an adventure, plus if anyone offered me the chance to have 12-15 hours to myself. To have a little me time, binge watch my favourite show or catch up on my reading I would jump at the chance. If you can bring a little of that kind of attitude, plus a little pre-planning there is no reason you shouldn’t walk off your flight ready and rearing for your next adventure.

It’s all about routine, keeping yours and meshing it with that of your new time zone. With this in mind, set you watch on take-off for your destination and start your usual routine immediately. Chose the kind of food you would eat normally, brush your teeth as you would normally, and do everything you need (pillows, comfy clothes, relaxing music, sleeping aids etc.) to sleep as in your usual pattern.

When you are awake make sure you stay hydrated, either bring a big drink bottle or ask the flight attendant for a cup every time they pass. Yes, this does mean you will have to face the dreaded plane bathroom, but every time you do lather all your exposed skin with lotion, apply a lip balm to give your skin the moisture it needs to spring back from the harsh recycled air. You may even want to try sipping an electrolyte drink as landing approaches to pick you up ready for customs.


Pack some entertainment that you know will hold your interest, this isn’t the time to try a new author or rely on the airplane movie selection, save up something you really want to see. In some ways, this bit of the flight is all about attitude. What would you do at home if you could blob out for a whole day? Everything from colouring to crosswords and laptop gaming is possible. Enjoy the “me” time while you have it. Things are sure to get faced passed once you touch down.

Keep these tips in mind and your next long-haul flight should be just that little bit easier.

Safe Travels Everyone.

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