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Atlantis Beach, Bahamas ©Josh Friedman

This week’s Tuesday Tip is from Josh Friedman, Bucks County Fine Art Photographer. He has advice for amateur photographers who would like to improve their photos.

You can read Josh’s complete interview here:

Do you have any tips for taking better photos, especially when traveling? What makes the difference between a mediocre shot and an outstanding shot? Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but what are some ways amateurs could take their photography to the next level?

First, I would understand the basics of exposure - ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. This may sound daunting to a beginner, but the concepts are actually not complicated. A basic understanding of the relationships between these things gives you a lot more creative control. Bryan Peterson's book, "Understanding Exposure," is a great starting point for many folks. Second, I would read up on composition. As with any art, I don't like the idea of "rules." That said, keeping certain compositional guidelines in the back of your mind can really help improve your images. For example, it's important to simplify your composition, fill the frame, watch your backgrounds (so they don't draw attention from the primary subject), think less literally, etc. For landscapes, you may want to include leading lines, or a visual anchor, in order to connect the foreground and the background. Remember that nowadays digital memory is relatively cheap and it's very convenient. If you're not sure which angle is most interesting, shoot them both. You may like each of them, or you can get rid of the ones you don't like (without incurring any extra cost). Finally, to the extent that it's possible, when you are taking photos, move around and experiment. This should be a fun, creative process.

For anyone who has not taken photography in college, what are some things someone could do to improve their craft? Are there any specific workshops that you will be leading in the future or any online classes that you recommend?

Well, in college I had a few studio art classes, but I actually didn't have any photography courses. About 7 years ago, I started taking online courses, reading, and going to live workshops. This was squeezed in between my full-time psychology practice, family life, and coaching my boys' sports teams. I had a passion for photography and I loved the process of taking and post-processing my images, so I put a lot of time into it. In the future, I plan to run more workshops in Bucks County, New York City, and Philadelphia. For those who are time-crunched, but eager to learn, you may try some of the online photo schools like BetterPhoto.com or BPSOP (Bryan Peterson School of Photography). Online courses are convenient in that you take the course at home, on your own schedule, and you get feedback about your images from professional photographers.

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