Tuesday Tips - What's in Your Camera Bag?

What’s in Your Camera Bag?


Here are some answers from our professional photographers:

Parker Stevenson:

Only used Nikon cameras since the late 60’s

Canon C10 in an attempt to shoot with something less noticeable. "People tend to be self-conscious and less natural if you’re carrying around larger equipment like an SLR camera."

Smaller cameras like the Canon G Series make it easier to shoot quickly and take advantage of spontaneous opportunities.

There really is no need to pay full price buying a new camera. Do some research on which brand and model you like and buy it secondhand. Used cameras are rated 1-10 on their condition. 10 being basically new. Even an 8 will probably be in excellent condition. Save some money, and buy a great used camera.

Natalie Ford:

After careful consideration of the age-old question (Nikon or Canon?), I picked up the Canon 6D and have never looked back. I love shooting images with this camera. It is incredible.

Josh Friedman:

Canon 7D digital SLR

Lenses, including: Canon 18-135 mm "street zoom"
Canon Macro 100 mm
Sigma wide angle 10-20 mm
Sigma 150-500 mm telephoto zoom.
Induro Carbon Fiber Tripod (CLT404L) with an Induro BHL2S Ball Head.
For each of my lenses, I have a polarizing filter.
Graduated neutral density filter and a variable neutral density filter. External shutter release, a set of extension tubes (for macro shots), an extra battery, and a few extra memory cards.
One of my pet peeves is when someone likes one of my photographs and immediately asks, "What kind of camera do you have?" To me, the most important piece of equipment in photography, and any art, is between our ears.
Start with a moderately priced digital SLR which has the capacity to change lenses. You can start with a "street zoom." Mine goes from 18mm-135mm.

Cory Steiner:

I try to keep it as minimal/simple as possible. I do have a thing for prime, single focal length, lenses which I think just offer a better result in many or most cases.

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