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As an amateur photographer who usually just takes family photos and tries to be somewhat artistic when traveling, I was surprised to learn that many pros use just their iPhone to take their photos. I guess I shouldn't be, with the advancements that cell phones have made, they do a great job taking photos without having to carry additional equipment.

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Here is some insight for Floral and Nature Photographer Benjie Chankin from his recent interview with WhereToThisTime:

What kind of equipment do you use (camera, filters, lenses) especially for the close-up photography required for flowers?

iPhone, that's it. No fancy cameras, filters or lenses. I started with the iPhone 4 and now I use the 5. The only editing I do is from iPhoto, no Photoshop. For those close-ups, it's simply a matter of kneeling down…leaning in…steadying my hand…and taking a few shots, most of which will be discarded in favor of that one or two which offer the most possibility. Using a more advanced digital camera has been suggested to me but traveling light is part of the essence of my craft, and because I feel I need my phone anyway, I'll stick with my iPhone for now.

For more of Benjie's interview, click the link below:


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What are your tips for taking great photos with a cell phone?

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