Tuesday Tips - Parker Stevenson's 10 Commandments of Great Travel Photography


This week’s Tuesday Tips comes from Actor and Fine Art Photographer Parker Stevenson and his 10 Commandments for Great Travel Photos. They were part of his interview for WhereToThisTime and I thought they would be great advice for our photography tips!

For more on travel and photography, you can read the rest of Parker’s interview here:


Parker Stevenson’s 10 Commandments for Great Travel Photos:

1. Travel light.
2. Have a backup for your camera just in case.
3. Keep your camera ready to shoot quickly, the best opportunities never last.
4. Hunt the best light of the day, it’s where the magic is.
5. Trust your instincts.
6. Go where your curiosity takes you.
7. Risk taking a “Bad” shot, it usually never is.
8. Don’t shoot for others’ approval, shoot for your own enjoyment.
9. Trust your intuition.
10. Shoot, shoot, shoot. We no longer have to worry about the costs of buying and developing film.

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