Tuesday Tips - Food Photography with Evan Kristine

Food Photography When You Travel:

by EvanKristine

Photographs @EvanKristine


I love eating when I travel and also, take photos of my food. It gets a bit tricky sometimes to do it because in most restaurant, the lightning is not proper. Let alone, I am using a compact digital camera (Canon Powershot G7x) whenever I travel. However, it is not impossible at all to take awesome photos even at the lowest possible light, even with a compact camera! All you need is a camera with manual setting which you can adjust the setting and a stable hand.

Both photos were taken from my recent trip to Amsterdam where I was representing another website. They took us to some of Amsterdams finest restaurants and the food only did not taste good, they were also very beautiful so of course I will not let that chance pass by without taking lovely photos of them!

My camera setting goes like this:
-Aperature as low as possible (f2.8 for me) for the blurred background look
-ISO on automatic
-Shutter speed at 1/2000-5000 (depending on the lightning!

And I played around the white balance a little bit. It is very important to have a stable hand so the photo wont come blurry! Otherwise, playing around the settings till you finally get the right setting takes time and practice but nevertheless not impossible.


Also, don't forget to enjoy your dining experience! A good photograph shouldn't be your top priority, but the flavor of the food.

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