Flashback Friday - Zermatt, Switzerland

Today's Flashback Friday focuses on Zermatt, Switzerland, home of the mighty Matterhorn mountain!

Margaret and I took a tour of Germany, Australia, and Switzerland in the summer of 1992. We flew on SwissAir (a terrific airline, at least in 1992!) to Zurich, Switzerland, spent a couple of days there exploring the city, then joined a Collette bus tour for a couple of weeks. We were there in July and it was very hot in some places. And there's no air conditioning in the hotels. So we were cool during the day on the bus and sweating overnight. Zermatt, Switzerland was a welcome cool change from the summer heat.

On the way to the top of Gornergrat

Zermatt is a wonderful, charming town in the heart of the Swiss Alps with a population of about 5,800. Most of its economy is based on tourism, of course, since it is known for its ski resorts and hiking. The town is at the south end of the Matter Valley and the famous Matterhorn is 14,692 feet above sea level. Switzerland's highest peak is Monte Rosa, 15, 203 feet above sea level. In the 19th century, Edward Whymper conquered the Matterhorn and made Zermatt famous. Zermatt carries skiers and hikers via its cable cars, chair lifts, and the rack railway which travels to the summit of Gronergrat which is 10,134 feet.

View on the way to the mountain, it was snowing heavily

Zermatt is a combustion-engine-car-free town to prevent air pollution to keep the view of the Matterhorn clear. Transportation is by battery-operated vehicles and horse and carriage. Since the town is so small, strolling is a great way to get around. When we were there, the weather didn't cooperate and it was snowing at the top of the mountain when we took the cog rail so we couldn't see the Matterhorn at all. But the next day, when we were leaving, the sky was clear. But the train ride was a lot of fun. It's a 29-minute ride to the peak and there's a hotel and restaurant at the top.

Zermatt is a horse and carriage town, no cars allowed

The Matterhorn is behind the buildings, really, it's there.

Much better view the morning we were leaving. LOL

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If you ever have a chance to visit Switzerland, Zermatt is not to be missed! What's your favorite European country and city and why?

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